Meet The Monks Making The Best Baked Goods You Can Buy Online

No one goes to the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan by accident. It’s a remote area with beaches and cabins that provide unobstructed views of the Lake Superior sunset. On a road called Sand Dunes Drive, tucked between a waterfall called Jacob’s Falls and an expansive stone-and-sand beach, there’s a Catholic skete that’s responsible for some of the best baked goods and jam you can buy online.

The monastery, established in 1983, is a sight to behold, towering over the surrounding conifers and situated just before the water’s edge. The monks pray and serve there, as all monks do, but they also run a bakery called the Jampot.

While the Jampot is a secret to many, it’s a mainstay of regional summertime tourism. During the first couple of summers they spent in area, they picked the berries themselves and made jam (which they sold to a distributor) in an old burger joint they had purchased. The former restaurant had been closed for a while, so locals noticed when the lights were suddenly on late into the evenings.

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