Hot Tub A Cold

One of the strange and uncomfortable things about parenting a child with food allergies is that it takes me a while after I first spot a runny nose to determine if we’re dealing with an allergic reaction or just a regular childhood sickness. And that can be a little bit stressful. Last week, Ever woke up from a nap with cold-like symptoms. I thought through everything she’d eaten that day, Ben asked his mom if she’d had anything new there that day, and I wondered if it could be possible that she was having a reaction to maitake mushrooms, which she’d just tried for the first time. But mushroom allergies are rare, first of all, and she’s good with all other mushrooms she’s ever had – chicken of the woods and oysters, morels and lobsters, bear’s heads and buttons, chanterelles and wood ear (I’m a litttttttle bit into mycology). Why would a reaction start now and with maitake? Well, it wouldn’t. It didn’t.

She had a fever by nighttime and I was planning on canceling arrangements I’d made to shoot her in a swim diaper for this sponsored post. But when the next day rolled around and she was still a bit sick, I gave her the option: “Would you like to go get in cozy water (that’s code for hot tub) or would you rather stay home and watch movies?” She was adamant that the hot tub be in her immediate future. Girl, we are related.

So we tucked the sick kiddo into our van and drove to our friends’ house, where we’d been granted permission to take over their hot tub for this shoot. The fever was assuaged by medicine at this point and the nose wasn’t really running, but she was clearly still lethargic. Except when she saw the hot tub, she squealed and hurried in. When Ben started giving her photo direction, she hammed it up for the camera and our friends. When I tried to convince her to get out of the hot tub after 15+ minutes, she firmly told me NO. So, we were in there for maybe a little too long.


Although she’s pretty much totally potty-trained at this point and honestly has been hardly using diapers at all since 20 months and I can’t even fathom her possibly pooping anywhere but a toilet, you still don’t know with kiddos this age and I’d rather not take any chances when other people’s hot tubs are involved. With that in mind, it’s a good thing we were shooting this Beau & Belle Littles swim diaper while in the hot tub that day because she wasn’t eager to get out and I wasn’t eager to find out just how well potty-trained she is. Or isn’t.


Ever usually tugs at the edges of the other swim diapers she has. It seems like the adjustments are never exactly what we need with those and the poor girl winds up having leg holes that are a little too snug. She didn’t do that with these and since these swim diapers actually adjust to accommodate babes from six pounds all the way up to 40, we’ll be using these for as long as we need them. The patterns are unisex (which anyone who knows me knows I like) and adorable, too!


Check out the one Ever is wearing in the photos (green stripes) as well as another one we have and love (green arrows) here and you’ll get 30% off between now and October 12th when you use the discount code smDose30. AND if you hop on over to my Instagram, you can enter win one of each (green stripes and green arrows) by simply liking and following my account and the Beau & Belle Littles account and leaving a comment on my giveaway post. Easy peasy.

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