Madison Reed Update (Spoiler Alert: NO BRASS)

(This is a sponsored post. I received products for free and this post also contains affiliate links, which help me to afford life, so please consider using those links if you’d like to place an order.)

I feel compelled to provide an update on my experience using Madison Reed hair products. So, again: if you’re not into hair stuff, particularly hair stuff related to color treatment, you will think this is boring. Just move on to something else. My Instagram has a whole bunch of pretty pictures that aren’t about hair and also, there’s a lot of really important stuff happening in the world right now you might want to read about. But for those of you who’d like to know: I’m still loving Madison Reed and I’m happy to work with the company again for this post to tell you why.

It’s been exactly two months since I dyed my hair with Madison Reed’s Sienna Brown and my hair hasn’t turned to that brassy shade I’ve come to expect shortly after a hair dye. Normally I start experiencing brass within two to three weeks of dying my hair. It’s been eight weeks and it’s just not there. It helps that Madison Reed has so many products that support color treated hair. I’ve been using their shampoo and conditioner when I wash my hair. I’ve used the Espresso Color Reviving Gloss three times now (I used generous amounts each time because I have long hair and got three uses out of the bottle). Every time I used the Color Reviving Gloss, the refreshing of the color was immediately noticeable. Same thing with the Glassa Shine Gloss– in fact, I just used it this morning and my hair is softer and shinier, no question.

This is the Glassa Shine Gloss. It’s great. So is the Espresso Color Reviving Gloss. This stuff really works.

Throw in the Root Touch Up powder that I’ve been able to quickly dab onto my roots to make growth seem less apparent and this has been an all-around win for me. I’m happy that sponsored post a couple of months ago introduced me to a hair company I’ll be sticking with.

I was a deer for Halloween, which was six weeks after my color treatment, and my hair still had plenty of ash.

If you’re interested in checking out Madison Reed products, you should probably start with the cool new Facebook messenger based bot Madi they’ve just launched today. You can talk with Madi in real time via Facebook messenger (and SMS too soon) and ask her questions about hair care and color treatment. She’s basically like a professional colorist you can chat with 24/7. She’ll ask you questions about your natural hair color, your dyed color, your level of gray hair, and what you’re hoping to achieve to help you pick out the products that are best suited to your needs. It’s quick and easy to chat with Madi and the process ensures that you order the right shades and products, which isn’t always obvious. When I first checked out the Madison Reed site, I wasn’t certain what to choose, but their carefully worded questions led me to products like the Sienna Brown dye and the Espresso Color Reviving Gloss, both of which have been keeping my hair coloring job fresh longer than I’ve ever experienced with any other company before. So I like the idea that they’ve transferred these well formulated questions into bot form. Check out Madi and see what you think. All you have to do is go to Facebook Messenger, search ‘Madison Reed,’ and select ‘Get Started.’


If you decide to try any of their products out, use the promo code SMALLDOSE between now and 12/31/2016 to receive 10% off your order and free shipping.

(This is a sponsored post, the products in it are c/o Madison Reed, and it contains referral links.)

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