JORD Watch Giveaway

When JORD watches approached me to see if I’d like to try out one of their watches, I liked the idea as soon as I took a look at the watches. They’re high-quality watches made of various wood types, which is an aesthetic I like. I picked the Koa & Ash from the Frankie series. It’s simple and matches just about everything, but the face of the watch is big and makes a subtle statement.


Koa is one of the more sustainable woods JORD offers and to add a little bit of symbolism into my life, koa is a revered resource in Hawaii and the word means ‘warrior’ for locals. Who couldn’t use a regular reminder to find and harness their inner strength? I’ve caught myself thinking of koa’s value and meaning to Hawaiians several times while wearing the watch. And in times like these, I’ll take whatever kind of morale boost I can get, even if it’s coming from a watch.


One thing I’ve noticed about wearing a watch that I didn’t expect (because it’s been at least a decade since I’ve regularly worn a watch) is that I do actually use it to tell the time. I was apprehensive a bit at first: wouldn’t I just continue to check the time on my phone like I have for years? What would be the point in wearing something bulky that’s only pseudo-functional? But as it turns out, even if it’s only a difference of a few seconds, it is easier and faster for me to just glance at my watch to tell the time than to dig around for my phone. An added bonus to this is that when I use my phone to tell the time, I often get sucked into reading whatever notifications are there – sucked into the vortex of Facebook notifications, Instagram comments, and emails. And while all of that is fine and good, we shouldn’t always be plugged in. So kudos to JORD for not only creating a watch with a sustainable material (and in the process, giving me a concrete reminder of something as abstract as strength can be), but for helping me to use my phone just a little bit less, too.

If you’d like to enter a giveaway to win $75 toward a JORD watch yourself (and a $20 e-gift card just for entering!): go here. Contest ends on 12/11/2016.

(This watch was sent to me c/o JORD watches.)

Luxury Wood Watch

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