Recent Randomness: #Blessed

Christmas is in just two days and I HAVE EVERY SINGLE PRESENT WRAPPED ALREADY and that has me feeling like I still know how to productively channel the streak of Type A that runs through a part of me.

But I’m feeling a little weirder about Christmas this year than usual. There’s Aleppo. The increasing madness of these present times. The dissonance I feel about celebrating all that I have – that I can have because of privileges I have that others don’t. The news that always reminds me that if I looked different than I do, my reality would be scarier.

It’s good that we keep perspective this time of the year, that we don’t measure ourselves against some agency-created #goals that aren’t real but rather that we recognize the roof over our head and food in our belly (if we have those things) for the actual blessings that they are. So yes. I’m #blessed and it’s not because I’m about to drink a pretty latte. Our fundamental human rights should be a given, but man. In this world, it’s good to recognize that it’s some sort of warped “blessing” to have any of them at all. It sure feels nice to have a bit of something everyone is entitled to, but if these are blessings, who’s cursed those without? I think that’s a good question that we all could spend some more time thinking about, especially during this season of gratitude and reflection.

But I want to do more than just keep my perspective in check. I want to do more than just think. I feel safe and have something to celebrate this weekend and a place to celebrate it. These recent times have left me wondering what I can do. Dread and helplessness have occasionally swallowed me whole, but I’ll start somewhere. I’ll use my voice, for one. I’ll speak up when the situation calls for it. I hope you will, too.

On a lighter note, here’s some randomness from this week:

  • AlexandAlexa published this feature story on me and my family (with an emphasis on Ever). You can read it here.
  • This Warpaint Live WFUV thing is making me happy.
  • If you haven’t heard this fungi Radiolab thing from July yet, give it a listen. It definitely added some fuel to my inner mushroom-loving fire.
  • It’s probably too late for you to order Christmas gifts at this point, but if you need a gift for anything else coming up, maybe refer to the gift guide I created. It’s not at all Christmas-specific.
  • I wrote about gross things you might not know about all-you-can-eat buffets for Bravo TV if you’re interested in learning things you can’t unlearn that might make face-stuffing a little less carefree next time around.
  • My mother-in-law made this vegan chocolate cake this week and it was really good. Bookmark this recipe.
  • Two different old friends came to stay with us up here in the middle of nowhere independently of each other recently. I took one of those friends to Lake Superior on a -something day. It was so cold, but I got a photo.
  • My friend Tavet has been working on a project called Video Mouth. If you’re into absurd, uncomfortable, twisted, dark humor, this might just be for you.

Some neat things, including affiliate links. Purchasing something through one of these links is sort of like buying me a beer.

Ladies’ Night In Sweater Dress

Society6 Ascension Wall Tapestry Small: 51″ x 60″

Interpretation of the Times Sequin Dress

Rustic Hanging Diamond Double Diamond Shaped Rustic Style Freestanding Hanging Metal Tillandsia Air Plant Rack Holder Bronze 3.5 inches Sides x 5.9 inches height (Black)

Woodland You Like to Know? T-Shirt

The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women

Slicker Than Your Average Jumpsuit

Geo Rising Rug – 4 x 6′

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One thought on “Recent Randomness: #Blessed

  1. “It sure feels nice to have a bit of something everyone is entitled to, but if these are blessings, who’s cursed those without?” <<<YES! I have struggled to articulate this as well as you do here but there is so much entitlement wrapped up in #blessed and you have to wonder what the alternative even suggests about our society or the possibility of a higher power. Nicely put!

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